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Welog refers to video recording or video blog. The evolution from blog-micro-blog-video blog is the evolution of blog expression. The form of Welog has been developed abroad for more than ten years, with an audience of billions, and almost all celebrities overseas. They all use Welog to record their lives. The duration of Welog is usually 3-5 minutes, and a few exceed 40 minutes. Welog usually record what really happened in life, so they have certain social attributes.

Welog provides a truly open home for Welog owners, who can create group pages through Welog, manage their own fan groups, push Welog to fan homepages, third-party platforms and earn compensation. Welog also provides an interesting level promotion system and personalized props. Better life, better Welog.


  • 2020

  • 2005

    The form of Vlog is very popular on the Internet. In February of that year, YouTube was established, and in April, founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first Vlog "Me at the zoo". The form of Welog is more clearly expressed. "

  • 2002

    Film and composer Luuk Bouwman uses the term vlog or videolog on tropisms.org for the first time to document post-college travel based on blogging morphologies and abbreviation habits

  • January 2, 2000

    To inform friends and family, Adam Kontras posted a video documenting his trip across the US to Los Angeles, the earliest Vlog.

  • 2019

    Welog China started research and developed, and launched the official expectation website

  • 2004

    Steve Garfield launched his own vlog site and proclaimed the first year of welog."

  • September, 2000

    Adrian Miles experimented with still pictures, constantly changing text to record video, and coined the word Vog to represent this form.

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