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Welog: A Brand Story with a Little Record

Insignificant, from Guo Moruo's poem "Hundred Flowers Blooming Monochrome": "Although we are insignificant among grass and flowers, our flower color is the representative of purple.

Viola is a purple flower. In ancient times, it was homophonic with "only". Presumably our ancestors also found the uniqueness of "Viola" in the tens of thousands of flowers to represent the unique. After 2000, Mr. Guo Moruo also discovered the unique Viola among the thousands of flowers, echoing his predecessors, and had to sigh the magic of Chinese culture. In this poem, the word insignificant is mentioned for the first time.

When we started creating the brand, we didn't have a clear direction. Since I usually like to collect some old books, I often turn around to find some inspiration. By chance, a friend sent a book of poems "A Hundred Flowers Bloom" with woodcut illustrations. I thought in my heart, just be the violet among the hundreds of flowers. Although it is insignificant, it is unique. The main color of the product design also adopts the purple of Viola. The initial idea is to be trivial, to remove the insufficiency and name it Weidao. At the same time, it also has social attributes, let everyone talk together.

The birth of the Welog brand was ups and downs. When the trademark was first registered, it was discovered that Weidao already had a brand and could not be registered as a trademark. Helpless, we continue to read old books, just to create a good brand. In the history of the New Five Dynasties, the term weibuzulu was accidentally discovered, and it must have been taken from here. In contrast, Welog are indeed more representative of videos, and they are as easy to read as Vlogs. After finalizing the brand name, I immediately purchased all the domain names of Welog and applied for the protection of all categories of trademarks, so on December 13, 2019, the Welog brand was born.

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